Friday, August 9, 2013

Stars In Stereo Rock the House of Blues Anaheim 8/8/13

There once was a time when the girls rocked as hard as the boys. Girls like Pat and Martha, and Ann and Nancy. Sure they were hot and they never minded the attention that brought, but they didn't bank their careers on being scantily clad tabloid fodder like far too many women in the business today. They were brash and talented and fought to prove they could rock just as hard as the boys and gain the respect of both their fans and their peers.

Bec Hollcraft has been fighting for music industry success for a very long time. Starting into various development arrangements as a pre-teen, she now fronts LA based Stars in Stereo, and based on the
performance she brought to HOB Anaheim on Thursday, those powerful women before her would be proud. Facing down a crowd that was primarily there to see P.O.D., many of whom had never heard of Stars In Stereo, Bec and the boys turned in a front stage performance to be proud of. It's always hard to play a supporting slot on a stage packed with so much equipment behind you. You can't take total advantage of the lighting, there is limited room to move, and it's hard to deliver a visual representation of the band's personality. That being said, whoever came up with the idea to utilize the case screens needs to get a raise.

The first couple of songs managed to successfully garner some attention from the still growing crowd, but when the band tore into their cover of Aerosmith's super-hit "Dream On", they successfully won the crowd, especially when Bec so powerfully hit the infamous high notes. From that moment on, the crowd was theirs.

Additional props for the simple, yet insanely effective move of pouring water on Drew's drum set. It was a palpable feeling of energy in the room, flowing from the band to the audience and back again when they realized that moment when they had us in their hand. It's the musical equivalent of finding the sweet spot on the bat. They knew they had hit this performance out of the park.

Catch Stars In Stereo tonight at HOB West Hollywood and tomorrow at HOB San Diego.

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