Saturday, May 4, 2013

Honey From The Icebox: Max Collins Goes The Solo Route

While we usually solicit your support for the Kickstarter projects of our favorite musicians, this time around we would like to direct your attention to a similar site, PledgeMusic. It is there you will find the details of the funding campaign for the first ever solo album from Eve 6 frontman Max Collins. Titled HONEY FROM THE ICEBOX,  the campaign has currently earned 39% of the goal and has 57 days left.

The rewards available for your pledge range from the mundane (a download of the completed album) to the fantastical (getting matching tattoos, your face on the album cover, a private house show, etc.). As the music industry continues to reinvent itself we have seen mad growth of this method of securing funding because, sorry to break it to you, most musicians are not independently wealthy, and cannot really afford to drop the many thousands of dollars necessary to make their dreams a reality. Plus, this crowdfunding method is also giving them built-in guaranteed sales of their products. 

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