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The Egg & Sophie Barker (Of Zero 7) Announce U.S. West Coast Co-Headline Tour

Tour Dates
05.09 - Boulder, CO - The Fox Theatre
05.10 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot
05.11 - Pomona, CA - The Glass House
05.13 - San Diego, CA - Belly Up
05.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite
05.15 - Petaluma, CA - Mystic Theatre
05.16 - San Francisco, CA - Red Devil Lounge


For Press

UK based EDM pioneers The Egg have teamed together with Sophie Barker (Zero 7 & Groove Armada) for a US West Coast co-headline Tour.
The Egg and Sophie are old friends. It was Sophie who laid down the original vocal on their hit ‘Walking Away’ (Remixed by Tocadisco), then bootlegged by David Guetta, which gave him his 1st smash hit ‘Love don’t let me go (Walking Away)’
The Egg and Sophie have both been building their audiences in the US over the past few years and one magical evening they were talking about how great it would be if they could join forces and create a UNIQUE EVENT!
The Egg meets Sophie Barker
They will both be performing from their new releases. The Egg’s brand new album ’Something to do’ and Sophie’s Forthcoming EP ‘Gold Dust’ They will also be joining forces for a few classics!
You are in for an aural feast where EDM (The Egg) meets Folk Rock (Sophie) Rocktronica. The Best of Bristish alt-music NOT to be missed. Come join them on this extra-ordinary journey.
The Egg Bio
The Egg are EDM dance technicians - playing live massive electronic, rock, funk and house inspired dance music, with video triggers, samples and live and vocoder vocals.  Their music is influenced by everything around them and inspired by artists such as Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, DFA Records, Hot Chip, Morgan Geist and the nu-gaze scene.  Touring the USA this Spring to support their new album ‘Something To Do
The band are well known in the UK, and fit comfortably into the global EDM club scene enjoying a worldwide hit with the massive Electro House anthem ‘Walking Away’ remix by Tocadisco and the even bigger David Guetta bootleg ‘Love Don’t Let Me Go (Walking Away)’ that followed. The track went to No 3 in the UK and No 1 in France, Spain and Australia.
They have played throughout the world in Europe, USA, Australia and Brazil. They were welcomed into the US Jam Band Scene populated by bands such as Phish, Disco Biscuits and !!! playing comfortably alongside the scene's largest acts and impressing audiences wherever they go.
Their new studio album ‘Something to Do’ is now released on their label Squarepeg Records. The 1st single is called ‘Catch’ and features remixes from Psychemagik, The C-90’s and Tom Laroye (Paris). They have worked with or been remixed by: Tocadisco, Mylo, David Guetta, Rollo (Faithless), Fila Brazillia, Grand National, Dusty Kid, Ulrich Schnauss, Atomic Hooligan, Greg Hunter (The Orb) and then some....
The new album has been produced by Robin Twelftree (Tosca, Reverso 68), Benji Vaughan (producer of Forwards) & Bruno Ellingham (producer of New Order, Goldfrapp, Mertz.). The album has been mixed by James Reynolds (Tinie Tempah).
Members: Ned Scott (vocals, keyboards), Maff Scott (drums), Ben Cullum (Bass), Drew Thane (Guitar), Matt White (Guitar), Paul Marshall (Bass)
Sophie Barker Bio
How to tell the Sophie Barker story? A singer songwriter who has an undoubtedly intriguing past. A life of extraordinary achievements. A singer with a voice that is poignant, rich and burns into the memory. It’s a story as packed full as it can be, never more than today.
“Singing is like a therapy- keeps me on the straight and narrow even though the path is completely unconventional. It has kept me sane through every up and down, through the amazing and sad moments. It is Life.”
You will certainly know Sophie Barker as one of the vocalists on Zero 7’s Simple Things, that luscious, sweeping vocal at the forefront of the album’s breakaway hit ‘In the Waiting Line’, which she co-wrote. You may also know her for her work with Groove Armada, The Egg, Grooverider, Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Muki, or maybe for her previous album Earthbound.
Sophie’s first solo studio album Seagull, released in 2011, brought her most plaintive sound ever. As sincere and delicate as she had ever been. Motown-esque licks and Joni Mitchell leanings. She’s had love, lost love, and above all felt disjointed from the city in which she was born.
Sophie’s ideas came together on her reflections – of how the world was changing and how she was trying to situate herself within it. “Seagulls were coming into the city, and I kept imagining their view. Everything was upside down.”
Around this time, Sophie also worked on The Rainbow Collections, a series of children’s music. She set up the Rainbow Collections Children’s Foundation with her friend producer/wittier KK.
The RCCF was set up initially to help raise money to rebuild a school in Kenya. It gave her a new sense of perspective, one that’s easy to spot on Seagull – the album’s themes returned time again to Sophie’s fascination with the imagination, dispelling the negatives and focusing on what you have got rather than what you haven’t and now the school is built and the story moves on.
Sophie is currently working on her second studio album, to be released later on this year. This next album has been born out of the discovery of a richer, dynamic live sound.
Over the last eventful 2 years, Sophie has found herself immersed in performing live with her band in the US & in the UK.  The overwhelming response and receptiveness of the audiences has given rise to an increasingly confident spirit and marked strength of sound which is in perfect harmony with a Sophie whose habitual pensive self-editing is happily taking a back seat.
So, a coming of age of sorts; if not definitively, certainly as a joyful, defiant and comfortable place to be, where the woman who grew up with a 70’s groove and fell in love with the punch of 80’s lyrics, is letting rip. The voice, the sensual soaring voice, is still very much in evidence but with a newly discovered power, a resolute edge to her range, which is delighting live audiences.
With this collection of songs, Sophie Barker is firmly parking her more mellow, reflective self for a confident, sexy strut that says she is who she is, a woman who understands that you are what you are, regardless of your ambitions, dreams & disappointments and it’s time to not mind too much, be a little reckless and have some fun. This new period is giving Sophie the sudden unexpected joy of new confidence, more resolute and  robust. Away with the fragile. This new sound has less of the lounge about it and more of a louche down tempo rock, distinctive, slightly left-field melodies with rising electronic beats.
“As Seagull helped me enter womanhood, this album is allowing me the freedom to move beyond.”

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