Sunday, April 21, 2013

Senses Fail Show How It's Done: HOB Anaheim

Last night brought Senses Fail tour to House of Blues Anaheim. With a deep cast of young openers, featuring Such Gold as direct support, there was, however, no doubt who everyone was there to see. With a decidedly male heavy crowd, as they have always drawn, Buddy Nielsen and band mates tore through a very thoughtful mix of old and new songs with power and control wrought from experience.

Promoting the recently released Renacer, Senses Fail really do seem to be reborn. There is something to be said for bands that survive as long as Senses Fail, despite lineup changes, label changes, and the highs and lows of an ever evolving industry. Longevity requires adaptability. The trick is to survive with your self-respect, dignity, and talent intact, a feat that Buddy Nielsen has obviously managed to do. Expounding on his desire with Renacer,   to spread a positive message, Buddy encouraged the crowd to go out into the world and 'not be an asshole' which, while it sounds silly in print, was a quite effective entreaty live. It's nice to see someone who already holds the respect of so many young people, use that power to make a positive message.

Call them post-hardcore, call them punk, call them whatever you like, but always remember to call them a damn good live band.

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