Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Parlotones: Shake It Up EP

In case the name is new to you, meet The Parlotones, your new favorite band. Their recently released EP entitled Shake It Up, is just enough to give you a taste, and leave you begging for more from this long established South African band who have recently relocated to the US to concentrate full time on making a name for themselves here. The Parlotones started up in 1998 and have achieved multi-platinum status in their home country, and sold out stadiums. However, since they are a bit of an unknown entity here in the US, you can catch them still playing very small venues, including three upcoming dates here in So Cal. All of their upcoming dates can be found HERE.

The Shake It Up Ep offers up three brand new songs along with a couple of classic tunes the band have become known for. Fronted by the stunning voice of Kahn Morbee, The Parlotones are an extremely well-seasoned and very tight band. With a very commercially viable catalog, and a madly devoted, small but growing fan base here, it won't be long before these boys are pursuing a career trajectory along the lines of Muse, another band that had been together a very long time before becoming an "overnight sensation" here in the US.

So click the link, BUY THE EP, and write us here at Blind Carrot (either in comments or by email) to tell us how much you LOVE this band.

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