Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Ok Kickstarter supporters, we have a new project for you. One of our longtime musical idols, the inimitable Mr. James Dewees (The Get Up Kids/Reggie and The Full Effect), has thrown himself into the Kickstarter arena to fund the resurrection of Reggie and The Full Effect. Now if you are unfamiliar with Reggie and The Full Effect, it is nearly impossible to explain (pop-punk with a sense of humor?) You just have to experience it, and once you do, you will delight in the oddly slavish devotion you probably haven't shown to a band in years. Our introduction to Reggie was back in 2006 on the hellogoodbye tour, a show marked by Paul from Slipknot handing his bass to our staffer Ashlei, only to have it sadly removed from her grasp by an  unruly crowd. To say the night was an experience (as I recall a tutu was involved), would be putting it mildly. 

This project deserves your support based on the clever title alone, but beyond that, this is an opportunity to put James back in the studio, and on the road, providing the special insanity that is Reggie and The Full Effect. Past touring incarnations of Reggie and The Full Effect have included members of Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, and of course The Get Up Kids, so that alone gives you a clue that you are likely in for a wild ride.

So whether you love the musical stylings of James Dewees from his time with The Get Up Kids, touring with My Chemical Romance as their keyboardist, or from Reggie and The Full Effect (or indeed all of them), break out your wallets. There are quite an assortment of amazing rewards for your investment including downloads, cds, shirts, hoodies, and a special Holiday club. But beyond that there are mind blowing opportunities to have James play on your band's track, or even officiate at your wedding (which may or may not be a first for a rockstar on Kickstarter but I'm guessing it is). 

So pull out your wallets and make the world a better place by resurrecting Reggie and The Full Effect!

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