Saturday, February 2, 2013

PK at The Wire in Upland on Friday Feb 8th

San Luis Obispo based PK are headed back to our area this coming Friday (2/8) to play The Wire, arguably one of the best small venues in So Cal. Located in old town Upland, just 35 miles outside LA, The Wire is a great small room where most show nights you are standing elbow to elbow with the various bands on the bill as they cheer one another on.

PK need to do little to attract a following other than play their extremely well executed video for their track "Some Nights". While it may be an unfortunate title, due to the large shadow cast by the fun. song of the same name, this video goes a long way in presenting not only what this band is, but what they can be. While the unique vocals of frontman Travis Hawley are certainly a draw for this band, their true strength is in the combined contributions of the band as a whole. It's time to recognize the efforts of this hard traveling young band and start pushing them up to the next level.

Like PK, openers for this show That Art Thou, scream unrecognized potential, so all you label folks looking for the next big thing might want to drive out and take a look.


The Wire
247 N. Second Ave.
Upland, CA 91786

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