Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ice Nine Kills: The Predator EP

Musicians are inexorably drawn to covering Adele songs, and Boston's Ice Nine Kills are no different. Taking a rocked up turn at "Someone Like You", they quite ably made a very well known song their own. This is just the final track on the recently released The Predator EP, and while quite good, isn't even the best track. That honor would go to opening track "The Coffin Is Moving" followed closely by "What I Never Learned In Study Hall", an acoustic version of which appeared on Take Action Volume 11. Ice Nine Kills have seen a lot of changes over the years, but if this EP is any indication, they sound like they are in a really good place right now. Fresh off the Kickstarter campaign that made this EP possible, it seems INK are ready to tackle both a punishing touring schedule and plans to record a new full-length in April.

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