Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thrice "Anthology": Album Review

While I have never been a fan of live albums, largely because it is nearly impossible to translate the live experience into a non-live format, ANTHOLOGY is AWESOME! A must not only for Thrice fans, but it would also make a brilliant introduction for the newcomer, who will undoubtedly then find themselves tracking down everything this band has ever done.

The set list for these farewell shows, and thereby this recording, was determined by an online poll. Unlike a wide number of online polls, this one did a brilliant job of balancing the key hard and soft moments in Thrice's quite significant career.While it didn't change my favorite Thrice song ("Under A Killing Moon"), it did serve as a poignant reminder of how incredible this band was live, and just how much they will be missed. Thrice was one of the few bands in the post-hardcore scene who aptly balanced moments of raging power with moments of heartfelt poignancy.

Here's hoping this "extended hiatus" isn't permanent, but if it is, ANTHOLOGY was a great note to go out on.

Key tracks: "Under A Killing Moon", "The Artist in The Ambulance", "In Exile"

Track Listing:
1. Yellow Belly
2. Image of the Invisible
3. The Artist In The Ambulance
4. Kill Me Quickly
5. Under A Killing Moon
6. Silhouette
7. In Exile
8. The Weight
9. Promises
10. Daedalus
11. Words In The Water
12. Of Dust And Nations
13. Red Sky
14. The Earth Will Shake
15. The Messenger
16. Digital Sea
17. Stare At The Sun
18. Deadbolt
19. To Awake And Avenge The Dead
20. Beggars
21. Come All You Weary
22. Phoenix Ignition
23. T & C
24. Anthology 

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