Friday, December 7, 2012

Greeley Estates "The Narrow Road": Album Review

Love them or hate them, Greeley Estates are an incredibly fun live band. As they return with their new EP THE NARROW ROAD, they remind us of ever so fond times at Warped Tours past, banging your head in the hot summer sun. Greeley Estates have never been a warm, fuzzy band, and THE NARROW ROAD is just as brutal as you have come to expect from this band. It is a fine line to walk between being pointlessly brutal and artfully brutal. People in the scene may argue all day long on which bands fall on which side of that line, but this record continues to place Greeley Estates in the latter category for me. It takes a degree of skill, talent, and thoughtfulness to make such brutal music artful, qualities that far too many bands who make the attempt do not possess. THE NARROW ROAD, however, beckons the listener to place it on repeat to appreciate the intricacies of both the vocals and the guitar work. Splitting this "full length recording" into two parts was both a brilliant and practical move for the newly independent Greeley Estates, and leaves all of us anxiously awaiting part two, DEVIL SON.

It's no accident that this record closes with Doomsday, the perfect soundtrack for the predicted apocalypse that's supposedly headed our way in a couple of weeks. I guess if we gotta go, it's at least nice that Greeley Estates provided us with such a deliciously brutal soundtrack for the end of days.

1. The Narrow Road
2. Head Underwater
3. Lot Lizards
4. Watch It Burn
5. Die
6. Lennox House
7. Doomsday

KEY TRACK: "Watch It Burn"

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