Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: PK at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa

Last night, up-and-coming indie rock band PK played The Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa for the first time in their career. Sprinting through a half hour set with little crowd interaction, they did a decent job of exhibiting their potential, despite suffering from imperfect sound that drowned frontman Travis Hawley out in spots.

While I have heard good things about their live show, this may have been a bit of an off night, as the boys did not seem particularly enthusiastic about being there, with the exception of  bassist Mikel Van Kranenburg who did a decent job of connecting with the crowd. Travis exhibited what may be a nervous tick of sorts, of singing with one arm behind his back. While you could make this into a drinking game and take a shot every time he does it, it would be preferable to see this tick go away as it comes off as a distancing mechanism.If all else fails, it would be wise to put a tambourine or something in his hand. In fact, little personality was exhibited by the frontman at all until several songs in when an audience member began enthusiastically dancing right in front of the stage which seemed to encourage Travis to remember this is supposed to be fun.

This is a band with promise. Their songs are good, their videos are good, and they have a unique, yet commercially viable sound. It will be interesting to see where they can take it in the next couple of years.

Next chance to see them live will be at tonight in San Diego at 710 Beach club or tomorrow at The Mint in LA and then at The Viper Room on Sunday November 18th.

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