Friday, November 23, 2012

Namesake/Eve 6/Everclear: 11/21/12

An opportunity to open up for well-established artists is always a good thing. The only problem is when you face a crowd that is so far out of your target audience that the best you can hope for is polite indifference. That was the unfortunate situation faced by Namesake on Wednesday night as they opened for Eve 6 and Everclear at The Grove of Anaheim. If the set Namesake delivered had been in front of a Warped Tour crowd, the screaming would have most certainly been deafening. As it was, as hard as these boys worked, they received little more than a polite response from the crowd that was primarily older, and primarily there to see Everclear. Despite that actuality, Will Crafton and his bandmates tore through a very tight set, that cannot be described as anything less than impressive.

Once Eve 6 hit the stage, the sadly smallish crowd did warm up a bit. The band executed a carefully curated set that hit the perfect balance of old and new material. They may have a few more years on them, but they are still masters of the pop-tinged rock that made them famous.

Headliner Art Alexakis, the only original member of Everclear, was suffering a bit of a sore throat this evening, but it seemed to make little difference to the extremely enthusiastic crowd who shouted the lyrics to even the lesser known tunes he played, with heartfelt enthusiasm. Bassist Freddy Herrera did an impressive job of carrying the responsibility of driving the enthusiasm and power of the set in the face of Art feeling like a bit of a "cranky grandpa" to use his words.

The evenings festivities were kicked off  by a series of local bands of note including My Pretty Little War, Lost In Gravity, and Good Morning Orbit all of whom seemed beyond thrilled to have been included on this bill. While all three showed promise in their respective styles, Good Morning Orbit delivered a standout performance that suggests big things to come for this band.

                            GOOD MORNING ORBIT

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