Friday, November 30, 2012

Maker Involved in Serious Traffic Accident

Springfield, MA’s Maker Involved in Serious Traffic Accident While On Tour
Animal Style Records Sets Up PayPal Account for Donations To Help with Band/Crew Medical Expenses 
Springfield, MA’s Maker was in an awful wreck this morning while on tour in Texas. The band lost control of their Suburban and they proceeded to flip - ejecting two of them and subsequently injuring them and placing one of their crew in critical condition.

Animal Style Records has stepped in to help by setting up donations through PayPal to help the band cover medical and vehicle expenses. If you are able to help, donations can be sent via PayPal to   

Eric Soucy of Maker explains, “This morning on our way to Texas we flipped our vehicle over. A few of us are injured; one in critical condition and the vehicle is totaled. We're trying to raise money to help pay hospital bills and buy a new vehicle. Any help is appreciated and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.” 

We hope you can help spread the word.

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