Sunday, November 18, 2012

Her Bright Skies: "Rivals" Album Review

Hide your girlfriends/sisters/daughters! One of the best looking bands to come around in awhile, Her Bright Skies, are releasing their brand new album, RIVALS, digitally on November 19 via Panic & Action Records, and unlike the cheesy (yet attractive) boy bands that have become popular of late, Her Bright Skies are actually pretty good.

While Her Bright Skies have been establishing quite a following across Europe for the last few years, they are a relatively unknown entity in America. With catchy, yet muscular songs that bring to mind bands like The Used and Taking Back Sunday tied up with some old-school influences like Motley Crue, along with their poster-boy looks, Her Bright Skies are well-poised to take America by storm.

The lead single "Lovekills" is available on iTunes now, and is arguably the best tune of the bunch, but you are going to want the whole album. While Her Bright Skies don't reinvent the wheel with this release, what they do, is present a cohesive album of sub-genre defying rock songs, without any of the gimmicks so prevalent today. This is the sort of band that stands primed to influence a whole generation of kids to pick up and instrument and chase their musical dreams because they make it look like a damn good time.

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