Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hostage Calm's Please Remain Calm Out Today On Sale for $5 on Run For Cover Records’ BandCamp Page Today Only

Hostage Calm's critically acclaimed new full-length Please Remain Calm is out today via Run For Cover Records.  The label is selling the record digitally for $5 today only on their BandCamp page at http://runforcoverrecords.bandcamp.com/album/please-remain-calm

Vinyl and other exclusive packages are available at www.runforcoverrecords.com/store.

What others are saying about Hostage Calm’s Please Remain Calm (produced by J. Robbins):

“…an ambitious new direction for the band.”- Filter

"...takes the classic power-pop swagger of acts like Ted Leo and Elvis Costello and similarly touches it up with occasional punk aggression and the more restrained, deliberate craft of ’50s pop nuances. Playful melodies and harmonies abound...the Beach Boys-esque "Patriot" is a bona fide—and almost completely a cappella—hit. The styles and songs on Please Remain Calm do seem to span a half-century of pop, punk and rock songwriting; it's clearly ambitious and varied.... one hell of an evolutionary stage to bear witness." 4 out of 5- Alternative Press

"This is one of the best records of the year without a doubt, and the best part is it’s for so many different reasons. First and foremost: you will not hear a record like Please Remain Calm this year. Plain and simple, it’s one of a kind. Please Remain Calm hits you in the face with some of the most beautiful harmonies It’s the kind of record you just put on in your car, drive, and get lost in it. Please Remain Calm is a record that is a beautiful portrait of what it is to be a young adult in a post-war society. But more specifically, Hostage Calm has created one of the best albums of 2012. And that is a fact.”
10 out of 10www.underthegunreview.net

"...generation-defining... the accumulation of everything Hostage Calm can do better than anyone else today. They’ve maintained their trademark, but created a new, retrospective vision of their sound. They’ve embellished the sophistication of their musicianship without pretentiousness. And most importantly, they’ve become a voice for their fans and taken back the purpose of American hardcore that so many bands have forgotten.”
5 out of 5- www.alterthepress.com

"Heartache, disappointment, and the struggle of growing up and fighting for your rights in today’s America are all captured on Please Remain Calm. It’s required listening... the most honest, genuine, and important record you'll hear all year...there is nothing else like this album out there – the album has a distinct voice that cannot be replicated. Only three albums have knocked me on my ass this year - this is the fourth. Hostage Calm’s mixture of punk with 60’s pop and the new wave movement of the 80’s have crafted a near-masterpiece, making Please Remain Calm one of the absolute essential albums of 2012."- www.absolutepunk.net

“Hostage Calm stand apart with their new record not just for the way it sounds and the progression they've taken, but because it's some of the cleanest and honest storytelling since The Wonder Years' Suburbia and its homage to The Weakerthans' Reconstruction Site before that."- www.absolutepunk.net

“…a record about the irreducible, impossible arithmetic of mystification, pervasive anxiety, and relentless stimulation of American life in 2012.”- www.Pastepunk.com

"If you haven’t heard about Hostage Calm until now, you better get used to hearing the name. Please Remain Calm builds on everything the band did right on their self-titled – technical complexity, atypical song structures, big riffs, catchy-as-hell melodies, instrumental experimentation, and all the energy you could want out of a modern punk band. Hostage Calm are arguably the boldest songwriters in punk today. Simply put, Hostage Calm have surpassed expectations and released their strongest album to date. Please Remain Calm is just one of those albums you have to hear to believe.” 4/12 out of 5- www.sputnikmusic.com

“This masterpiece is one of the best releases of 2012, maybe even this decade.” 10 out of 10- www.megustareviews.com

Please Remain Calm stands as an anthem for a lost generation. In a time of questions and heartache, the band rises to the occasion to capture the story of the youth in a dwindling nation. Working with producer J. Robbins (Against Me!, The Promise Ring) has helped the band reach a new level with layers of harmonies and a full, intricate sound spanning influence across decades. This year has been particularly groundbreaking music-wise and Hostage Calm have risen up the ranks and released a strong candidate for many listeners’ album of the year.”
5 out of 5- www.idobi.com

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