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Immovable Objects To Play The Wire in Upland

For Immediate Release
September 17th, 2012
“It was a long time coming,” says Matt Gagin, the man behind Immovable Objects, when asked about his recent move to Perth, Australia. “I was just ready to leave and some of the things that were and are happening in the U.S. were weighing on me and I think I needed a break. My wife wanted to be near her family who live in Sydney and Perth. It wasn’t a really hard decision but it took a little time for the Australian government to decide to let me reside in their country.” While waiting for the green light for migration Gagin and Immovable Objects created their most recent recording, “I’ll Know to Believe in Sparrows”, where the band explores the nuance of the album as a complete piece and the ideas of instrumental music as an emotive and visual experience. For his first return to the U.S. Gagin plans to perform the latest Immovable Objects’ record in its entirety with a video accompaniment. “I feel like the music expresses itself with or without a projected narrative but I think without lyrics or a true front man to engage the audience, and believe me I‘m no front man, their can be a lack of connection for some people. Others, however, enjoy it more because there is no voice.”
Immovable Objects started out as the performance and recording name for San Diego-based multi-instrumentalist Matt Gagin. After spending five years with Waterline Drift, Gagin says he “…wanted to do something where I played a lot of different instruments and creativity wasn’t stifled by preconception or personality conflicts.” His first record, “Hoping It Stays Just This Broken” incorporated elements of indie rock, shoegaze and electronica into dense soundscapes. “I had no intention of really making a record, I was just going to record when I felt like it and see what was coming out. If I liked it, cool, if not, then I didn’t. I was really just making music for the sake of making music.”
For the follow-up record, Gagin decided to put together a live band that could play relentless instrumental rock, then capture that energy and emotion on tape. Enlisting the efforts of Paul Balmer (guitar), Brad Botbyl (guitar), Ted Donovon (drums) and fellow Waterline Drift alumnus Tim Peacock (bass), the quintet’s sound has been compared to God Speed You Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, Mum, Sigur Ros, Panda Bear and Her Space Holiday.
“Our show in Upland will be a lot of fun because it is the only all ages show on the tour. We try as hard as we can to do all ages shows but the venues are becoming harder and harder to find. I really respect the people at The Wire in Upland, where we are playing, for having the passion and desire to bring music to everyone. Sure you’ll get the few that complain that they can’t have a drink while watching the show. I ask, are you there to drink or to listen to a band?”
After recording through the early months of 2012 at Black Box Studios with Mario Quintero, the new album, “I’ll Know to Believe in Sparrows”, was released in June 2012 on Hawnyawk Records and is currently in the process for Australian distribution. Says Gagin, “I’ve read on record label websites that you should include your successes in your bio. The only true success we have is recording music that we like and not compromising it. So, if nothing else we have that.”
Immovable Objects return to the U.S. October 22nd through 27th for a brief southwest tour. They play October 27th at The Wire, 247 North 2nd ave. Upland, CA 921786 with Catachresis.

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