Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go Radio: "Close The Distance"

In the time since Jason Lancaster left Mayday Parade and formed Go Radio, it has sometimes felt as if he has been searching to find himself, with occasional flashes of brilliance (like Goodnight Moon, Any Other Heart). With the release this week of CLOSE THE DISTANCE, it is abundantly clear that he has found what he was looking for. In the company of his Go Radio bandmates, it is clear that he is now demanding the radio play that has only been limited up to now. CLOSE THE DISTANCE is filled with brilliant, hook-laden pop-rock, instant classics, that could have easily been sold to any of our eras current pop-tarts, but are made all the more awesome by being anchored by Jason's uniquely distinctive vocal style.

It seems that Go Radio are finally ready to close the distance between being indie darlings, and grabbing for the mainstream spotlight. Full of passion, and intelligent, almost literary lyrics CLOSE THE DISTANCE, seems destined to be Go Radio's breakthrough moment.

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