Monday, September 17, 2012

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls: Thursday at HOB Anaheim

Well, since we already know you all will be coming out on Wednesday to HOB Anaheim to support Lit, it is best that we advise you to make it a double-header and come back on Thursday for Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. After all, the man was personally asked by Danny Boyle to play the opening ceremony of the  Olympics, and not long ago played Wembley that gives you a bit of a clue that he is an artist well worth your time and money to catch at a small club like the House of Blues. This tour is in support of Frank Turners' upcoming release from Epitaph records entitled Last Minutes and Lost Evenings (to be released 10/2 in the US). It is a collection of 15 songs designed to introduce Frank to the American audience, along with a DVD of his Wembley show. While this is certainly a must purchase, we cannot stress enough that you must also own England Keep My Bones, which was released last year, and made our Top 10 of 2011.

Get tickets HERE or at the box office.

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