Friday, September 21, 2012

Frank Turner: 21st Century Troubadour

You may be able to point to One Direction or Nicki Minaj for all that is wrong with the music industry today, but you can shine a big spotlight on Frank Turner for all that is right. Last night at HOB Anaheim, Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls showed that real musicians playing heartfelt music is far more powerful than all the bells, whistles and marketing gimmicks that abound in the industry today.

Frank Turner is the exemplification of the 21st Century troubadour. A true road dog, who commands his audience as easily alone with his guitar, as with his full band, Frank Turner proves that talent can prevail in today's world of manufactured pop tarts. The enthusiastic crowd sang his lyrics back to him almost as boisterously as a Dashboard Confessional crowd, and danced with as much reckless abandon as the small room would allow. Weaving together a wonderful mix of the best of last years England Keep My Bones, with both new tunes and older ones, the set list did a great job of appealing to everyone.

By the time he closed out the set with his signature song, "I Still Believe" and returned to the stage for the encore set which set off with a cover of the Tom Petty classic "American Girl" the entire crowd was drunk, sweaty, and more than satisfied with their evening.

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