Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Adicts: All The Young Droogs

Very few bands survive to see 35 years in the topsy-turvy music world, but that is exactly what The Adicts are celebrating this year, along with the release of their 10th studio album, All The Young Droogs.
Due out on September 11th, a bit of a punk statement in and of itself, All The Young Droogs, offers up a number of tasty treats for the long term fan and newbie alike. There is an undeniable charm to this album. Unlike many of the punk bands from their era who sounded like they would rather break a bottle over your head than share one with you, The Adicts come off as guys that would be a great deal of fun to hang out with. Maybe some of that is a mellowing with age, but that mellowing does not mean this album is not a relevant addition to their catalog. The lead track "Battlefield W1" is probably the strongest song of the album, but the entire disc brims with the wit and character that The Adicts have become known for over the years.

With just 23 days left to participate in their Pledge Music campaign, now is the time to get your pre-orders in. Like Kickstarter, the Pledge Music campaign lets you get yourself hooked up with all kinds of cool packages included signed cds, handwritten lyric sheets, and even a house show if you are flush with cash.
The Adicts are set to invade the US in a little over a week with a handful of shows in the So Cal area, so be sure to turn up and check these guys out live.

9/6 House of Blues - San Diego
9/7 House of Blues - Anaheim
9/10 Key Club - Los Angeles
9/11 Key Club - Los Angeles

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