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Mercies To Play The Detroit Bar September 6th

Announce Summer Tour 2012! 
September 6th| The Detroit Bar |Costa Mesa, CA
Support Mercies' Tour & Upcoming 7", here: http://kck.st/SN3bXm

"Evoking the Balkan vibrato of Beirut and the Appalachian splendor of Fleet Foxes, these folkies deliver on their latest album."
- AOL Music

"One of those releases that engages [you] within a few bars; immediately feeling like something special. Something important. Something to keep around, something to tell your best friends about."
- My Old Kentucky Blog

The indie trio known as Mercies will be heading out on a cross-country summer tour through August-September. They will be playing at The Detroit Bar on September 6th. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit: www.MerciesMusic.comYou can also help support the band's tour and upcoming 7", here: http://kck.st/SN3bXm.

Tucked in the woods of northern Connecticut is the barn/recording studio/rehearsal space that Mercies calls home. Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Josh Rheault, with the help of his family and friends, restored the barn in the Fall and Winter of 2010/2011. Not only were 2x4's cut, concrete poured, and electricity run, but Mercies found it's humble beginnings through this restoration process.

Mercies began in the winter of 2009 when friend, collaborator, and drummer, Sammy Dent, joined Rheault. The duo spent the Fall and Winter of 2010/2011 recording their debut album Three Thousand Days in the space now simply and affectionately referred to as "The Barn."    
Now joined by bassist, Jordan Flower, Mercies have a debut album, Three Thousand Days, and EP, The Ballet, under their belt. Chronicled on Three Thousand Days is this intense and creative period for both Rheault and Dent, a moment-in-time aided by family and friends. Lyrically, Three Thousand Days spawns from a time of uncertainty and change. "It sort of, wraps up a specific period of my life while transitioning to a new one," explains Rheault. "Sleep", track two on the record, simply describes sleepless nights, while "Animals", track three, is the feeling of lacking uniqueness.

With the follow up of The Ballet, you will find a little bit of new, old, and just as the title states, music for a ballet. The EP features "Music for a Ballet: Light" and "Music for a Ballet: Dark". Both pieces make up the composition for The Charlottesville Ballet choreographed by Audrey Fenske.

Not wasting any time, Mercies have already begun to write material for their album. With their sights set on more collaboration with dance companies, other multimedia projects, scoring films, and touring to support both Three Thousand Days and The Ballet, the future is looking bright for the ambitious trio.

Mercies will be heading out on tour from August-September. Please go to www.MerciesMusic.com for more updates.

Tour Dates:

8/13                        The Outer Space                        Hamden, CT
8/19                        Pianos                                          New York, NY
8/21                        The Grape Room                        Philadelphia, PA
8/22                        Windup Space                             Baltimore, MD
8/23                        The Canal Club                           Richmond, VA
8/24                        Snug Harbor                                Charlotte, NC
8/25                        The Drunken Unicorn                Atlanta, GA
8/26                        The Globe                                   Athens, GA
8/28                        Foobar                                         Nashville, TN
8/29                        Hi-Tone Café                              Memphis, TN
8/30                        Maxine's                                      Hot Springs, AR
8/31                        Club De Ville                              Austin, TX
9/1                          The Percolator                           El Paso, TX
9/2                          The Sail Inn                                 Tempe, AZ
9/4                          The Ruby Room                          San Diego, CA
9/5                          Boardner's                                   Hollywood, CA
9/6                          The Detroit Bar                         Costa Mesa, CA
9/7                          Bottom of the Hill                        San Francisco, CA
9/9                          Blue Lamp Lounge                      Sacramento, CA
9/11                        High Dive                                     Seattle, WA
9/12                        Sam Bonds Garage                     Eugene, OR
9/13                        Red Room                                    Boise, ID
9/14                        Kilby Court                                  Salt Lake City, UT
9/15                        Lion's Lair                                    Denver, CO
9/16                        The Waiting Room                     Omaha, NE
9/18                        The Outland                                Springfield, MO
9/19                        The Burlington                            Chicago, IL
9/20                        The Garden Bowl                       Detroit, MI
9/21                        Rancho Relaxo                            Toronto, ON
9/22                        Copperfield's                               Boston, MA


WHERE: The Detroit Bar |843 W. 19th St.| Costa Mesa, CA

WHEN: Thursday, September 6th

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