Friday, August 31, 2012

Confide Reunite and Announce Kickstarter Campaign

Yes, the title is true! Confide have announced that they have reunited for another album. Suggestions that this may have been coming came up when the reunited to play a one off in Orange County not long ago, but it is now official. The band have set up a Kickstarter project, which has become an incredibly popular way to both fund and promote independent projects these days. With 29 days to go to raise their stated goal of $30,000 they have already raised a little over $7,000. There are plentiful rewards for your investment in their project including access to the album early, signed copies, and more unusual and creative options including a disposable camera with which they will take exclusive photos and send it to you. If you are really generous with the cash,  there is even a Disneyland trip with the band up for grabs for a $2,000 investment.

We will keep you informed as additional news breaks, including (fingers crossed) live shows.

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