Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back Pocket Memory

Let's face it, music reviewers listen to a lot of crap that comes down the line from all the pr people desperately scrambling to get their charges heard. That's why it's so great when something awesome pops through my queue. This week that little slice of awesome would be the upcoming release from Burbank-based Back Pocket Memory. Their latest release, a self-titled EP, will be dropping in September and is definitely worth picking up. With six years of experience under their belts they have really found themselves in position to break out to wider notoriety. This is alt rock with a decidedly chill vibe, sort of an Incubus meets Anberlin type of sound. Good lyrics and excellent guitar work suggest that this band is now primed for the world at large to sit up and take notice. It's tough to pick a key track, as it's all pretty well balanced, but "The Prisoner" is quite good. It's about time you label people take notice and sign these boys.

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