Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Warped Tour 2012 Tip Sheet

With two of the three So Cal dates of Warped Tour coming up this week, we sat down to write out a tip sheet in the spirit of the one we did last year. The only problem was, in looking back, we really wouldn't change much. So with that in mind, here is your 2012 Warped Tour Tip Sheet:

If you have been to the show before, then you have probably learned much of what you need to know firsthand. If you haven’t been before, I have assembled a few tips to help you. While some are directed specifically at those of you joining us in So Cal, most of this information will apply all summer.

Bring water - It will quite likely be hotter than the surface of the sun (especially Pomona).

Bring money for more water - See above….I really mean it. If you are short on funds then please have your parents read this article so that they know a responsible adult is begging them to throw an extra $20 your way with the promise that you will use it to stay hydrated. If you get overheated anyway, ask anyone who is working the show to direct you to the medical tent. Everyone knows where it is.

Bring money - If you have some cash beyond the aforementioned necessity of hydration then by all means bring it. Warped Tour is a great place to pick up reasonably priced band merch including tshirts, pins, etc. It is also a great place to beef up your cd collection. Fearless Records is known for always having their releases available super cheap at Warped, and a lot of other labels and bands purposely keep their prices low for Warped shows because they know you have limited funds - with notable exceptions of course.

Peruse the charities - Besides having a multitude of musical choices all day, be sure to take time to check out charity row. Charities are at Warped because they genuinely want to meet you and tell you about what they do and how you can become involved. These people do seriously good work. One charity to be sure to visit is the Dear Jack/11:11 AM booth (yes, there is a tie in to the tattoo on my arm).

Meet the bands - Many of the bands will have signings throughout the day. Depending on who it is, the lines will vary in length. Be warned that at times the bands can be late due to press obligations.

Wear sunscreen - please see the above mention of temperatures approaching the surface of the sun in case you need reminding.

Pay attention to who is walking around - This is So Cal people. Lots of bands either live here or are recording here. You are therefore likely to see a number of musicians walking around that are not on the bill, but rather came to see some sets and hangout with old friends. Also, this is not an event with an us vs. them mentality. Lots of the bands playing will be randomly walking around before and after their sets so keep your eyes open….you never know who may be standing next to you.

Enter the pits at your own risk - This should not be news, but on a hot day, pressing a bunch of bodies together and pushing towards the stage gets unreasonably hot and uncomfortable. People crowd surf. People will mosh. People will tend to get hurt in the mosh pits….I see broken bones every year. If you are going to do these things consider yourself warned. There are however, plenty of opportunities to watch the show slightly back or to the side of the stage. You get a great view and don’t have to deal with these issues. As far as sound goes, straight back from the stage near the booth will get the best sound.

Discover a new band - I am sick and tired of hearing everyone complain that there are not enough ‘headliner’ bands. That’s okay. You get plenty of chances to see bands that are already famous touring through town. A big part of the fun of Warped Tour is to check out the smaller stages and discover a new band that you might like who maybe aren’t well established enough to tour through your town every few months.

Lastly, be nice...both to other people and the bands. The bands are going to a great deal of trouble to put on the show, so if you are not into a band, go see a different band. Don't boo, yell obnoxious things, throw things, or just stand there and bitch about how much you hate the band. There are tons of other things happening. Go somewhere else. If people fall in crowds or mosh pits, pick them up. If you are participating in a mosh pit, then by all means have fun, but that doesn't mean deliberately injuring other people....get a clue. If you are going to crowd surf (and I really wish you wouldn't unless you are trying to escape from the center of the crowd due to becoming overwhelmed by heat) then please don't flail around and kick people in the face, and if you are trying to surf toward the stage please wait until after the first three songs so the photographers can get the heck out of the way first. If you are in the 21+ crowd, please remember that beer + heat + crowd becomes overwhelming very quickly and I am incredibly tired of watching people throw up.

This concludes your 2012 tip sheet.

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