Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mixtapes Release "Even On The Worst Nights"

MIXTAPES hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and formed in 2010. According to their bio, Ryan Rockwell and Maura Weaver started writing and performing together without a lot of expectations about where it might all be going. Well, with the release of their brand new full-length “Even On The Worst Nights”, it just may be time to start making some big plans. This is the perfect pop-punk record, released just in time to enjoy all summer long.  Like many of the very best pop-punk records, beneath the surface the lyrics deal with a lot of issues facing disaffected suburban youth and there is a really interesting song by song explanation from Ryan and Maura posted on AP if you’re into that sort of thing. Even if you aren’t into the whole storytellers aspect, this album really works well as just being damn fun to listen to.

Why this band isn’t on Warped Tour this summer is absolutely beyond me, but hey Kevin, how about booking them for all next summer?

Best tracks: A tie between the title track and “Mt. Hope”

Ps. This band has produced some truly hilarious, low-budget music videos that are worth seeking out on YouTube.

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