Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Please Help Greek Fire!

As many of you know, we here at Blind Carrot Magazine have been big supporters of Leukemia related charities since the day we found out that Andrew of Something Corporate/Jack's Mannequin had been diagnosed. We have supported the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 11:11 AM, The Dear Jack Foundation and many more. Today Austin from Secret Service PR brought this story to our attention and we immediately set about purchasing this single on our respective iTunes accounts. We now want to ask all of you reading this to do the same. It's only $.99 and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Johnny. Please read the story below and open your hearts and wallets in support.

Thank you,
Blind Carrot Magazine Team

In February 2012, shortly after an amazing tour of Japan, GREEK FIRE drummer and longtime STORY OF THE YEAR drum tech Johnny Venus was diagnosed with Leukemia. As anyone can imagine, this devastating news came as a complete shock and rocked the entire camp to the core. Johnny is fighting the battle of his life, and even in these darkest of times his incredible courage and strength inspired Johnny's fellow band mates to write a song about this profoundly difficult and emotional journey. 
The song, "If this is the End (The Sound of Belief)" was utilized for a video GREEK FIRE released via YouTube on May 15th, 2012. The video was made for zero dollars by a group of amazing and selfless individuals that donated their time and talents with no thought of reward or payment, and the result is a heartfelt and emotional offering of hope and support for anyone, anywhere who has experience with cancer. Greek Fire is releasing this video in hopes that it can help people find the courage and strength to fight with all of their heart, and that there are people everywhere in the world fighting with them. That is the mission: HOPE. Please share this video with as many people as you can. Nothing will make Johnny Venus and the band more proud than if it can help someone, somewhere, in some way. 
* 100% of proceeds generated from the sale of "If this is the End (The Sound of Belief)" will go directly to Johnny to help him with his battle.
"If this is the End (The Sound of Belief)”
This is a song about hope and finding the courage to fight when all seems lost. If you think this video can help someone you know, please forward it. If this video helps even a single person, then mission accomplished. Thank you very much.

This video was made possible by so many amazing and selfless people who donated their time and talents without thought of payment or reward: Eric Russell for additional direction, Martin Busler for additional production, John Pessoni and The Urge, Encapsulated Studios, Mike Jones, Matt Amelung, Andre and everyone at STL TV, Allan Hessler, Mike Bachta, John Oakes, Kevin Lyman and UNITE THE UNITED / WARPED TOUR, MUSICARES, and all of our amazing family and friends.

Available NOW Worldwide on ITUNES, AMAZON, and countless other outlets
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To donate to Johnny's fund directly, please go to:

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