Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Supply Drop: 10 Albums for $15

Methodologies for music purchase are ever changing in today's world. One of the best new plans comes from The Supply Company who is offering what they call "The Supply Drop". Using paypal, you can purchase this predetermined package of 10 albums from such excellent artists as Sleeping At Last, Matt Pryor, and Owen. They also offer a 60 albums for $75 package for those of you who like to subscribe for the whole year to grab a price break. This is a legit bundling system that is paying the artists (who are also taking part in promoting it), but at the same time gives you, the consumer, an impossibly good price break, while introducing you to some artists you may not be familiar with.

One key issue, however, is that the current deal which includes albums by the artists listed above plus Jeremy Enigk, Polock, TW Walsh, TS & The Past Haunts, Chris Staples, The Xcerts, and Right Away, Great Captain! is only good for a little over 6 days as of this publication. Then this deal will be gone, replaced by a new package. So it's time to jump on this deal while you can!

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