Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eve 6: Speak In Code

This week marked the arrival of the new release, Speak in Code, from nineties poster boys Eve 6. Though it's been eight years since their last album, it's almost like they were never gone. Speak In Code is set to slide the band neatly back into the hearts of all those who loved them before. This rings loudest with the songs "Lost and Found" and "Pick Up The Pieces" which are particularly true to the vintage Eve 6 sound. While parts of this album lean more heavily towards the dance-pop arena than old-school Eve 6 fans may be comfortable with, the fact of the matter is the climate of the music industry has changed. Up-tempo dance-oriented music is what is selling. Not making at least some degree of nod to that fact would be to ignore one of the strongest revenue streams available. With Speak In Code Eve 6 are confidently making that acknowledgement while still keeping the music tied to an underlying structure that is undeniably theirs and theirs alone. With any luck, that is going to open them up to a whole new audience, while still bringing the tried and true old-schoolers along for the ride.

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