Sunday, August 14, 2011

Culprit Campaign on Kickstarter

When you are a band from Los Angeles, everyone gets the mistaken idea that you are already signed, rich, and pissing away all of your potential getting drunk with the celebutantes that troll the clubs. While that may be true in a few cases (and you know who you are), for most young bands it's more of a moment to moment existence, struggling and clawing for every break and doing your best to stay a functional band. One necessity for such functionality is the ability to tour. Without a van you cannot get in front of people to share your music and you won't survive for long. Culprit have launched a Kickstarter campaign to replace the van that gave up the ghost on them last year and you can help. It's inexpensive and fun, you get to help people and pick up some cool swag in the bargain. There are 40 days left to go and just under $3,000 left to raise in order for their project to fund. Depending on your contribution level you can be rewarded with everything from stickers and downloads, to admission to shows for the rest of the year, to hanging out in LA with the band, or even performing with them on their next record. If you have not yet been turned on to Kickstarter, it is super easy to join, and quickly becomes addictive when you see all of the cool and creative projects that you can become a part of, so start with Culprit on Kickstarter today.

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