Thursday, August 25, 2011

Attention Transit Fans!!!

For Immediate Release


Rise Records Posts New
Transit Song (“Long Lost Friends”) At

Listen & Forgive Bundles Available For Pre-Order Now At

Listen & Forgive Out October 4th!!

Transit fans, it’s your lucky day!! This morning, Rock Sound premiered episode two of the band’s “Listen & Forgive Sessions”, and now Rise Records has posted a brand new song “Long Lost Friends” on its Youtube channel. Stream the song at

Transit’s highly-anticipated new album Listen & Forgive will be released on October 4th.

Pre-orders launched today at


Tour Dates:

Sat Sept 17   Providence, RI- Club Hell  w/Fairweather

Tue Sept 20  Syracuse, NY- Club Hell    w/Bayside
Wed Sept 21 Ottawa, ON-  Maverick's Bar w/Bayside
Thu Sept 22  Montreal, QC- Underworld w/Bayside
Fri Sept 23     London, ON- London Music Hall  w/Bayside
Sat Sept 24   Toronto, ON- The Annex Wreck Room w/Bayside
Sun Sept 25  Clifton Park, NY- Northern Lights w/Bayside

Saves The Day/Bayside/I Am The Avalance/Transit:
Thu Oct 6       Philadelphia, PA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Fri Oct 7         Philadelphia, PA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sat Oct 8        Boston, MA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sun Oct 9      Boston, MA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Tue Oct 11     Cleveland, OH- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Wed Oct 12   Detroit, MI- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Thu Oct 13    Chicago, IL- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Fri Oct 14       Milwaukee, WI- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sat Oct 15      Sauget, IL- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sun Oct 16    Lincoln, NE- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Tue Oct 18     Denver, CO-  STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Wed Oct 19   Salt Lake City, UT- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Fri Oct 21       Seattle, WA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sat Oct 22      Portland, OR - STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sun Oct 23    San Francisco, CA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Tue Oct 25     Pomona, CA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Wed Oct 26   W. Hollywood, CA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Thu Oct 27    San Diego, CA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Fri Oct 28       Las Vegas, NV- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sat Oct 29      Tucson, AZ- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sun Oct 30    Albuquerque, NM-  STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Tue Nov 1      Dallas, TX- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Wed Nov 2    Austin, TX- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Thu Nov 3     Houston, TX- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sat Nov 5       Atlanta, GA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sun Nov 6     Orlando, FL- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Tue Nov 8      Ft. Lauderdale, FL-STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Wed Nov 9    St. Petersburg, FL-STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Thu Nov 10   Charleston, SC- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Fri Nov 11      Carrboro, NC            - STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sat Nov 12    Norfolk, VA- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Sun Nov 13   Towson, MD- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Tue Nov 15   New York City, NY-STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit
Wed Nov 16  New York City, NY- STD/Bayside/IATA/Transit

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