Friday, March 18, 2011

Oliver Trolley: "Circles"

Poppy pointlessness on the surface with surprisingly introspective thoughts hidden just underneath. Featuring former members of San Diego local favs Misdelphia, Oliver Trolley seem to already be on the fast track for success with their debut EP, Circles, due to be released by Gas Can Music on March 29th.

While the entire record is super catchy, toe-tapping, summer road trip with the top down kind of Cali sound, the real jaw-dropper is the final track, “Way Too Fast”, an acoustic ode to a brief relationship.  While inherently simple, the lyrics are disarmingly blunt, showing how two people can see one relationship in starkly different ways. Not since Rise Against bolted into wide public consciousness with “Swing Life Away”, has there been such an infectious, instantly memorable acoustic tune. By the time you make it through the song on the first listen, you are guaranteed to be singing the chorus.

As a first shot off the bow, “Circles”, seems primed to create an audience eager to demand a full-length release from this up-and-coming band. The dance vibe and gang-vocals of “Getting’ Loud” are guaranteed to make it fun live, as does the mild ska feel of the title track. While their sound is their own, the oddly familiar feeling you get listening to the opening of “Maybe I Could Tell” is “Pretty Odd” era Panic. (it took twelve listens through to figure that out - hopefully that saves you the aggravation of trying to figure it out for yourselves).

For those willing to make the trek to San Diego, the band will be playing at gig at HOB San Diego as part of 91X’s loudspeaker on April 2nd, but once people get their hands on this EP there will likely be many more shows to come.

01. Livin' My Life
02. Maybe I Could Tell
03. Circles
04. Gettin' Loud!
05. Face to Face
06. Way Too Fast

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