Monday, August 30, 2010

The Young Veins Suffer a Loss

Yet another ridiculous theft has hit the music community. Last night The Young Veins lost all of their gear when their van/trailer was stolen. The van/trailer itself was later found empty and abandoned. The fact that it happened in LA makes it even worse. Please click here to link to the list of what was stolen. Please keep an eye out on ebay or at pawn shops, both to help get the gear returned to them, and hopefully help catch the scumbag criminals that did this.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Thanks to Rikki at Adrenaline PR I wanted to share with you the following press release regarding a great band you may not have yet heard of called CONDITIONS:

Richmond, VA rockers CONDITIONS are featured in the upcoming AP/Hot Topic Mini Mag, available on a countertop at your nearest Hot Topic beginning September 7th! A brand new track, ‘When It Won’t Save You’ is included on the Mini Mag sampler. The track is cut from CONDITIONS upcoming GOOD FIGHT MUSIC debut, Fluorescent Youth, which hits stores on September 14th, 2010! CONDITIONS have teamed up with Hot Topic to bring Fluorescent Youth to all store listening stations, and offer fans a special Hot Topic sale pricing beginning on the day of release.

Make sure to pre-order GOOD FIGHT MUSIC’s exclusive Fluorescent Youth CD/T-Shirt bundle package! Head over to the brand new MySpace to learn more about CONDITIONS, and remember to check in frequently to stay up to date on huge, upcoming fall tour dates! The new dates will be announced soon.

CONDITIONS have sold over 16,000 digital songs and over 3,000 CDs on their own as independent artists. They have shared stages in the US and Europe with the likes of Paramore, New Found Glory, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Good Charlotte. They have earned themselves spots on the Vans Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, Bamboozle Festival, and SXSW Music Conference. Their commanding stage presence and airtight musicianship during live performances emits a vibrant and impassioned spirit. It is this rare mix of charisma and chops that has allowed CONDITIONS to amass a loyal and supportive fan base from swooning teen pop fans to discerning older rock fans. Those fans purchased 4,000 songs off of their You Are Forgotten EP in the first month of its release. It is exactly that type of zealous fan reaction that has caught the eye of media outlets nationwide. Alternative Press Magazine recently proclaimed the band as one of their "100 bands you need to know in 2010".

For more information on CONDITIONS, please visit these locations:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alesana - Warped Tour 2010 - Pomona

Only mildly the worse for the wear after the much publicized Pennywise incident, Alesana took the stage in the late afternoon and turned in one of the most blistering sets of the day. These are just a few of the "shot from the crowd" pics. Shots from the pit and onstage will follow.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Taylor Momsen has alot to learn!

Seems Taylor Momsen wants it all these days. Television star (Gossip Girl), spokesmodel (Madonna's new line), and now wanna-be rock star (The Pretty Reckless). I was willing to give her a chance, and check out her set at Warped Tour Pomona, before settling on whether her music career was more Jared Leto serious or Paris Hilton joke. Turns out little Miss Jenny Humphrey (her character on Gossip Girl) has let fame go to her head. Of the dozens of bands playing Warped Tour today, hers' was the only one I encountered that forbade photojournalists access to the photo pit in front of the stage. I have seen this occur only rarely at big festivals and never at Warped. Oh, and news flash, the only two instances in recent memory were The Killers and Muse. Today I shot Bring Me The Horizon, Everclear, Every Time I Die, nevershoutnever, Mayday Parade, and many, many more which will receive extensive coverage in several publications in the coming days and weeks.

Taylor Momsen is a long way from having earned the right to piss off rock journalists. So this is the only time I will ever mention her band, and if I wasn't so pissed off, I wouldn't have even done that.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kenny Vasoli got ripped off...PLEASE HELP

This is a repost from a blog Kenny left on their page about getting ripped off. If anyone in the New York area reads this and has any information leading to the return of this equipment please get in touch with Kenny...or get in touch with us and we will pass along the information to him...he really just wants his stuff back.

Hello Friends,

I'm looking for your help.  This past Friday (8/6), after playing a show at Bowery Electric in NYC, my car's window was busted out and both of my electric guitars and all of my pedals were stolen.  My car was parked on E 2nd St and 1st ave.  I know its a long shot but I am asking the public for help. 
Here is a full description of what was taken:

-Fender Classic Jazzmaster s#-MZ8043253 (black body w/ brown shell pickguard) in a black hardshell case.  This one also had a buzz-stop installed and was wearing a white strap that has a flower patch stitch on it (that strap was screwed on tight with washers so chances are it still has it on) 

-Fender Telecaster Deluxe s#-MZ6009753 -Mexican Reissue (brown body w/ black pickguard) in a tweed hardshell case.  This one had a small sticker of a blurry black and white photo underneath the bridge (could easily be taken off.)  Was wearing a white strap with white DiMarzio Cliploks (the female clips wear also screwed on like a motherfucker so will most likely still have them)

-Pedaltrain pedal board in a beat up black pedal case with lots of tape around the handle.

-Electro-Harmonix Classic USA Big Muff PI Distortion pedal

-Line 6 DL-4 delay pedal

-Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner Pedal

Again, I know its a long shot hoping to retrieve any of this gear, but I can't just lay down and do nothing.  
If you have any information or if you can find this gear on Craiglist or elsewhere please email me at Thank you for taking the time!  


Kenny Vasoli