Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alternative Apparel Unsigned Artist Competition

Attention unsigned artists: Just came across this contest! Click the title above to be linked to the Alternative Apparel Unsigned Artist Competition.

Gaga does Madonna?

This is going to stir up controversy? People are going to be outraged? Please! This is nothing but a retread of old school Madonna for a new generation. It would be far more interesting if it were even remotely original, but the song itself is repetitive and boring and the video is nothing but a Madonna mashup. I have never understood what the widespread appeal of Lady Gaga is, and this video does nothing to change that. There is a ton of great music in the world today, great concerts to go to, great CD's to buy, and Lady Gaga is far from being great. If you are remotely into Lady Gaga, then go pick up old Madonna discs and get over yourself. If you have not seen the video then click here:  Gaga does Madonna