Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big 11:11AM News!

It has finally been announced that 11:11AM, the music industry tied cancer charity that was started in honor of Andrew McMahon will be joining with the Dear Jack Foundation in making a fundraising presence on this year's Van's Warped Tour. As you may know, these charities are very dear to us here at Blind Carrot Magazine, so we want to encourage you to check them out at your local stop of Warped Tour. This picture of my tattoo appears on the 11:11AM Myspace page. In addition to the bracelets, pins and tshirts, the dvd documentary Dear Jack will be available for purchase. This is the heart wrenching but ulimately redemptive story of Andrew's battle with, and success over leukemia. It is important to support small charities that do important work. Please help us fight cancer. Every little bit helps.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Something Corporate

Yes, it's TRUE! At Bamboozle Chicago Andrew confirmed that SOCO is set to tour in August. This may quite possibly be some of the best news I've heard all year!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sick Puppies News

Sick Puppies, one of today's most underrated rock bands, are currently on the road opening for Nickelback (yes, I can hear all of you going ughhh over Nickelback but it's great exposure). The problem is their sets have been changed to 6:15 when the tickets show that the show doesn't start until 6:30. This is the ultimate nightmare for an opening act, so PLEASE spread the word to anyone holding tickets to be sure and get there early.
photo credit: Ashlei Brittany

The Pathetic Failure of Music Retailing in 2010

It is both pathetic and annoying that both labels and retailers constantly complain about slumping sales of CD's and yet repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot on distribution. Case in point: this last Tuesday brought the release of both Something Corporate's greatest hits package Played in Space and Escape The Fate's re-issue of  This War Is Ours as a 2-Disc deluxe special edition with additional tracks and video content. Upon seeking these out at my local Target and Best Buy (in Southern California) I discovered that Target had never heard of either of them and their system was down so that they couldn't even check on it, and that Best Buy had also never heard of either of them, and the nearest Best Buy to carry either of them was over 20 miles away.  While I haven't tried the other local CD source, WalMart, because I refuse to buy music there on principal, I seriously doubt they would carry them  because they seem much more focused on carrying country and pop artists. Now granted, these discs are easily available via Amazon, and either could have been pre-ordered prior to their release or downloaded. However, the very idea that these discs, released by Geffen and Epitaph respectively, are not finding placement in the few remaining major retailers of CD's is just mind-blowing. Whether the responsibility for this failure lies with the labels or the retailers is almost inconsequential, because each are equally responsible since they are partners in getting this product out to the public. The pathetic failure of music retailing in 2010 is killing the CD market in at least equal if not greater measure than downloading. If you cannot easily and conveniently walk in and purchase a disc, you are far more likely to resort to either legal or illegal downloading. It's just a fact. Maybe those at the helm of music retailing in 2010 should think about that the next time they complain that nobody is buying Cd's anymore.

photo credit: Deena McClusky - long shot of SOCO at Bamboozle Cali 2010