Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Biffy Clyro News!!! Sonisphere

Mention Biffy Clyro to ten Americans, and it's quite likely you will get a lot of blank stares. They are not huge here, yet, and that's ok cause it means we still get one more shot to see them in small club venues as they swing through America starting in February. But lest you doubt my adamance that they are headed for huge, it has just been announced that they will be headlining the Saturday show of Sonisphere Knebworth in July 2011.To give you the idea of the magnitude of this announcement, estimates of attendance for this festival next year are running at 60,000 people. They will be one of the two headliners (the other being Slipknot). The two headliners in 2009 were Linkin Park and Metallica and 2010 saw Rammstein and Iron Maiden headline the show. In other words....THIS IS HUGE! America is bound to catch up soon and realize this is an amazing band, with gorgeous songwriting and a mesmerizing live show, but in the mean time, hats off to the Brits who've already gotten that memo.

By the by, to our Aussie friends, if you are headed to any of the Muse shows this week be sure to get there early to see Biffy Clyro open.

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