Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Daylights: Video Love Letter

You may or may not have seen this video that has been circulating since yesterday. The story goes that this guy recruited his roommates who happen to be a band (The Daylights) to create this song and video as a love letter to his long distance girlfriend. I'm not sure I really care whether it's true or not (although I have reached out to the band for comment and am awaiting a reply), but in either case it's a cool video and good song. So props to The Daylights either way. The song is available on iTunes.
<a href=";from=sp&amp;fg=shareEmbed&amp;vid=8914f19d-9276-4024-bfdb-a1d2440f451f" target="_new" title="Man creates viral video love letter for girlfriend">Video: Man creates viral video love letter for girlfriend</a>

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