Friday, November 5, 2010

Julia Othmer

I came across Julia Othmer this week in a bit of a roundabout way. Though she is a currently an LA based artist, I discovered her when her pr company sent me an invite to a New York show. Life is just silly that way sometimes. But in any case, she has both LA and New York shows coming up that would be worth your time to check out. While her press has made comparisons from everyone from Macy Gray and Alicia Keys to Alanis Morrisette, they seem to have avoided the most obvious comparison to similarly fiery piano goddess Tori Amos. This just seems incredibly odd because her ability to swing from deliciously subdued and atmospheric, to a sexy, bluesy swagger strikes a much closer comparison to Tori or Beth Hart. In any case, I like the recordings enough to recommend checking her out live at the following:

11/14  at Tin Angel - Philadelphia
11/16 at Genghis Cohen - Los Angeles
12/1   at Genghis Cohen - Los Angeles
12/9   at Rockwood Music Hall - New York

WORD OF CAUTION to LA fans....the room is very small and tickets are very inexpensive. I spoke to the venue and they only sell tickets day of show at the door, so get there early and check out some food before the show.

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