Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Wonder Years is more than a TV show........

The Wonder Years - The Upsides (re-release)

When the original release in January of this year was widely touted as the best pop-punk album of the year when it was only January it was clear that this album was getting a great reception. With the subsequent signing of the band to Hopeless Records, it was somewhat expected that some sort of repackage and re-release would be in the works.

The September re-release of The Upsides features the addition of four new tracks set to enhance what was already a good example of super catchy pop-punk. This includes the “Campfire Version” of Dynamite Shovel which is a fond reminder of the many pop-punk shows that finish out the night with everyone sitting around in a parking lot with acoustic guitars cause they just don’t want the night to end quite yet. A smattering of witty song titles, relatable lyrics, and super catchy tunes have helped The Wonder Years develop of growing fan base all across the country and this record (in either original or re-release form) certainly continues in those lines while showing a development in both style and technique.

Guest vocals from Rachel Minton of Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer on “Hey Thanks” bring an interesting element of variety, plus the ukelele usage should immediately attract  all the nevershoutnever fans. Gang vocals on “All My Friends are in Bar Bands” demonstrates the truth to that statement with a little help from members of Valencia, A Loss For Words, Title Fight, and more. Even if you own the original release, it’s worth picking this up for the four new tracks, and if you don’t own it you are way behind the curve.

The Wonder Years are currently on the road promoting the record as part of the “Tonight We Feel Alive!” tour with Four Year Strong and Comeback Kid, which will be hitting The Glasshouse in Pomona on Oct. 21st.

Great for fans of:  New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, Sum 41

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