Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Epicenter 2010: Crash Kings

Crash Kings took to the Main Stage at Epicenter 2010, on Saturday at 2:30pm, sandwiched between hip-hop acts, Deuce and Big Boi. The rolled out their special style of fierce, anthemic rock for those brave enough to stand in the sun long enough to watch them. Probably best known for the wildly successful single "Mountain Man" this band is a bit of an oddity, for lack of a better word, in that they consist of bass, drums and keys. No guitarist in a rock band is not something you see everyday, but Crash Kings really make it work. Their debut, self-titled album, Crash Kings  continues to sell well and spawn additional singles. On tour now, with Anberlin, you get another chance to see them next week as they hit House of Blues LA on October 8th and House of Blues Anaheim on October 9th.

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