Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sad but true - Saosin News

While it has been the stuff of hushed rumor and speculation for awhile now, the band officially announced today that they have parted ways with singer Cove Reber. There was no press release, but rather a posting on the band's message board by Beau, finally making the news public. Disappointing sales of their last record, cancellation of their European tour dates, parting ways with their label, etc., have all undoubtedly contributed to the decision to try and take the band in a new direction, if indeed the band actually picks itself up and continues at all. Stay posted for updates.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alternative Press Magazine 25th Anniversary Art Show

Do not miss this art show. Hours of the gallery are limited so be sure to click the link to Merry Karnowsky Gallery for times and details.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Madina Lake News

Horrific news out of the Madina Lake camp. Matthew was horribly beaten last week while trying to break up a domestic dispute incident. You can read more about it on NME. His recovery is going to be both lengthy and extremely expensive. As such, Sweet Relief has stepped up and begun raising funds to help out. In just this short time they have raised over $13,000. The band has also announced that they intend to honor their August performance dates in the UK and plan to do so without hiring someone to replace Matthew. If you can donate even $1, please click on the Sweet Relief link to learn how. I know $1 seems insignificant and like you wouldn't really be helping, but just imagine in a million people all donated $1. Just a little really can make a difference. Please feel free to repost this information anywhere and everywhere.